LuneX Ventures invests in Web3 and Blockchain Companies


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LuneX Ventures is a dedicated Blockchain and CryptoCurrency fund in partnership with Play Ventures; a well established South East Asia based VC.

LuneX was created on the back of our strong belief in the long term disruptive impact of this new technology. The rise of decentralised trust based networks will not only transform existing industries beyond recognition it also has the power to provide billions of underserved people with access to financial services so they can take control of their own lives and create a better future.

The Story Behind the Name

Mankind did not wake up one morning and decide to set foot on the moon. This eventual achievement required visionaries, pioneers and people brave enough to take risks. Much before the Apollo missions to the moon, the US Air Force had laid out a Lunar Expedition Plan called Lunex. This expedition was chosen as the goal since ‘it not only provides a sufficient challenge’ but also provides ‘technical fallouts for greatly improved capabilities’. It was an ambitious project which required great technical skills, courage and forward thinking. Lunex laid down the foundations of space exploration and the landing of man on the moon.

Much like the Lunex Expedition Plan, we at LuneX Ventures view current entrepreneurs in the crypto space as visionaries laying the groundwork for an industry that will change the world beyond anyone’s current expectations.


Set Standards

We are a benchmark setting, entrepreneur friendly Crypto Venture Capital firm working with all ecosystem stakeholders to drive thought leadership and help propel the industry to the next level.

Empower the Audacious

Born out of Play Ventures we back pioneers and doers to push the edges of the system and drive value and progress.

Macro Vision, Micro Execution

In a myopic world we take a longer term view and actively support our entrepreneurs’ vision, mission and implementation.

Power new economies

We cut through the noise to find and back entrepreneurs and companies eager to be part of the greatest technological revolution of our lifetimes since the Internet.


LuneX Ventures has invested significant time and resources to set up a fully compliant Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Fund. Investors get easy and diversified exposure to a portfolio of equity in seed and later stage Blockchain startups, larger Cryptocurrencies and other utility and security tokens. Leveraging our networks across the globe with accelerators, technologists, influencers, institutional investors and thought leaders, we get exclusive access to deals at an early stage. In order to boost returns for our investors, we direct all advisor tokens and shares back into the fund.


LuneX Ventures takes a longer term approach to make venture style investments in the blockchain and crypto industry. We believe that a longer term horizon aligns us well with the needs of the entrepreneur. Besides financing we provide industry leading connections, strategy and operational support. Our values are very closely aligned with Play Ventures and we leverage our incredible support team to help the entrepreneurs that we back (Read more about How We Help).